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The Horn

O Corno

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This film is part of Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival


Spain, Portugal & Belgium
Galician & Portugese
Jaione Camborda
Janet Novás, Siobhan Fernandes, Carla Rivas


Illa de Arousa, 1971. Maria is a woman who earns a living harvesting shellfish. She is also known on the island for helping other women in childbirth with special dedication and care. After an unexpected event, she is forced to flee and sets out on a dangerous journey that will make her fight for her survival. Seeking her freedom, Maria decides to cross the border by one of the smugglers’ routes between Galicia and Portugal

Freshly awarded the Golden Shell at the San Sebastián Festival, The Horn is a highly physical drama and also a road movie prohibited by the shared spaces of an Iberian Peninsula still under the yoke of Franco’s dictatorship and the Portuguese Estado Novo. A Galician film in Galician, it portrays a time long past, but Jaione Camborda is determined to bring it to the present through the endangered bodies of women.

Jaione Camborda makes history with ‘O corno’ and becomes the first Spaniard to win the Golden Shell Winner Golden shell at 2023: Official selection San Sebastián Film festival