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This film is part of Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. The screening will be followed by Q&A with one of the directors Julia de Castro and actor Omar Ayuso.


Julia de Castro, María G. Royo
Omar Ayuso, Chacha Huang, Julia de Castro, Manuel de Blas


To be or not to be a mother, that is the question. Milagros (37) stretches out a carefree youth in her last fertile years while Jonathan (24) seeks solace in his abandonment through his addiction to Grindr. Milagros flees from her single-parent insemination appointment. Jonathan engineers a meeting with a childhood love. The road and friendship alleviate the disorientation caused by the deceptive freedom of the early 21st century. A delirious road movie filled with music, where a mysterious mermaid with a magical crown will guide the journey.

Taking inspiration from the guerilla spirit of Spain’s ‘La Movida’ movement (an influence on the early films of Pedro Almodóvar), writer/director duo Maria Gisèle Royo and Julia de Castro deliver a queer Spanish road movie with a difference, filled with Magic Realist touches.

Introducing our guests

Actor Omar Ayuso and director Julia de Castro will join the audience for a Q&A. Omar Ayuso, a well-known actor for his performance in Netflix’s show Elite, as well as Prime Video’s show Los Farad, made his debut as director and screenwriter of the short film ‘Matar a la madre.’ Julia de Castro, a multidisciplinary artist, makes her debut as a co-director with this film. She is an actor, composer, musician, screenwriter, and researcher. With her project, De la Purissima (2009-2019), she travelled around the world spreading the Cuplé genre as an essential performative legacy in the history of female sexuality.