ASFF Première
Love & Revolution

Te estoy amando locamente

This film is part of Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. Actor La Dani and director Alejandro Marin will join the audience for a Q&A after the film and Spanish drinks will be served at the première to welcome you to the festival on the opening night!


Alejandro Marín
Ana Wagener, Alba Flores


Seville, 1977. Reme, 50 and a widow, has a son, Miguel, who is going to become the first member of the family to go to university. Miguel suddenly confesses that he wants to enter a contest for young singers. At a time when homosexuality is a crime, Reme will end up getting involved in the LGTBI movement that in Andalusia, paradoxically, was created within the Church.

The film is a cheekily combative comedy about a dedicated Sevillian mother who, after her son’s coming-out, decides to fight for LGBT+ rights in the 70s… when homosexuality was still a crime in Spain. First-time director Alejandro Marín breaks through with this entertaining heartfelt comedy that tears traditional taboos asunder and defends the right to love.

Introducing our guests

La Dani is a non-binary actor who won the Best Actor Feroz Award in 2024 for his debut in cinema. He is also a musician with a fusion of reggaeton, flamenco, electronica, and R’n’B styles, and a reference in the Spanish queer collective. Alejandro Marin is an Andalusian filmmaker. He has directed the show ‘Maricon perdido’ (Queer you are), which won an Ondas Award for Best Comedy Series. This is his first film, for which he has received several nominations and awards.